The Place In Between, Linköping 2018

Commissioned wall painting in central Linköping on the Parking Building Druvan in Nygatan.

(Beställare: Sankt Kors Fastigheter och Linköping Offentlig Konst)

Artikel: Corren

The Place In Between 2018

The Place In Between 2018




Bild på Cykelväg, Karlstad 2013 - Bike Lane Artwork, Public Commission in Karlstad 2013

40 meters long and 3 meters wide image on a part of a bike lane in Karlstad. Placed at Sandbäcksgatan - Råtorpsporten by the river Klarälven. 


With Trees

Gestaltningsuppdrag 2010 för Västra Götalandsregionen/Västfast på Jubileumskliniken, Sahlgrenska i Göteborg. JK nyinvigdes 2013.

Public Commission for Jubileumskliniken at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg 2010.

With Trees is an artwork spanning over all four floors of the Jubileumskliniken at Sahlgrenska hospital. The work is incorporated in to the building and consists of digitally printed images for windows in the staircase and on about 20 doors on all four flours. The artwork follows the colour scheme of the different floors that goes from grey on the entrance floor to turquoise to green and top floor is orange. 


Other commissions..

Andra uppdrag..

Commissioned family portrait 2015

Commissioned family portrait 2015

Wall Painting at Inizio AB Head Office in Gothenburg 2012

Wall Painting at Inizio AB Head Office in Gothenburg 2012